Greendet emerged in 2009 recognizing the emerging need for ecological, efficient and competitive cleaning products.
With our production unit in Coimbra, Portugal, Greendet exists with the purpose of creating differentiated ideas and products, resulting from the association with the research and development group of the Department of Chemistry of the Faculty of Coimbra of Sciences and Technology.
Greendet aims to produce cleaning products that represent an economic alternative of the highest quality, as well as to develop cleaning products that are better from an environmental point of view, more biodegradable and more effective in lower concentrations.
Currently there are two product lines in the market – Domestic and Professional, accounting for more than 60 products.
Despite the constant innovation, in 2014 a corporate restructuring led to a reimagined image, in order to better identify itself with the company’s goals and its partners.
As we favor constant innovation and customer satisfaction, we have the ability to develop custom made products to each client, according to their specific needs.
Maximum efficiency with the lowest environmental impact, this is the force that moves us.